It's In the Jeans

Bearden High School's Improv Team!


That's A Wrap!

The Bearden Improv Team has recently concluded this year's audition process, and we thank everyone who participated! We hope you will join us in congratulating the following individuals, also seen in the slides to the left: 

Katie Creech, Audrey Palladino, Ben Keziah, Kena Holmes, Seth Reynolds, Lydia Steimer, and Keegan Stump.

Comedy, Cooperation, and Coordination

About us

It's in the Jeans is a club based out of Bearden High School that centers around improvised comedy. We practice twice a week to improve our performance and team dynamic, which we put into good use during our shows. Shows are where parents, teachers, and fellow students can come kick back, have fun, and, (hopefully), laugh like never before!  

Club Advisors


Ms. Alley

Theater Teacher


Ms. Houston

Theater Teacher

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