Application Process

     Each year in the fall, we hold auditions and workshops to recruit new member into the BHS Improv team. If you are interested in joining, wait until the fall semester, and listen for announcements about when the audition process will begin. 

     To audition, you must be a sophomore or above, and are recommended to have taken Theater 1, and have time to devote to the team, including but not limited to: Weekly practices, (afternoon and morning), Shows, and Workshops. While members will not be expected to attend every single one of these events, it will be important that they can make a majority of them. If you interested, click the link to fill out this google application:

     Weekly practice days are decided on a yearly basis depending on what the majority of members can make it to, so check with this year's officers to see, or see below!

     The 2019-2020 practice days are Monday and Thursday until 5:00